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*Note: This column comes from the fact that I truly do believe in the power of story, and I know there is a book for everyone. So even if a book may not be the right book for me, that doesn’t mean it might not be the book that makes you become a reader.

This week’s DNF read was NOT meant to be featured here…but since it’s coming out today I wanted to still share it with you because up until my eReader croaked, I was totally loving this story.

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notbread*may contain spoilers

My current {not} read this week is Spies and Prejudice by Talia Vance
Published: June 11th, 2013
Publisher: Egmont
Age Group / Genre: YA | Spy Thriller, Mystery, Contemporary, Romance, Retelling
Series: No

Why I picked it up: My love of spy thrillers initially interested me in the story, but then I realized it was a Pride and Prejudice retelling so I was doubly hooked!

How far I got: Page 264, Chapter 42

The story so far: Berry Fields has worked for her private investigator father since she was an early teen. Mostly because teenagers are overlooked when on the job. Her knack of hiding, and her best friend’s gadgets simply help her get the job done. That is until Tanner enters the picture, and keeps turning up every time she tries to figure out another clue leading to answer behind her mother’s death.

Why I put it in the drop box: This was actually an ARC copy I was approved for through NetGalley, and I had every single intention of finishing it. BUT…something happened to my Nook, my screen half froze/half broke, and I can’t seem to get it unstuck. I know I could finish the story on my computer, but, as I’m prepping to leave for camp the rest of summer, I simply do not have time to sit down on my computer to read the last 30 pages. So– I necessarily Did Not Finish this story because of choice. I only DNF’d it because of my new lack of an eReader.

Will I pick it back up?: YES! I’ll admit, I skimmed the last few pages to get to the end because I had to know what happens! Did Berry uncover her mother’s murder mystery? Did Berry and Tanner finally get over their prideful and prejudiced natures and get together (because I know they totally like each other despite the massive obstacles in their path.) Honestly, I have a hard time with P&P retellings because it’s such a classic book to begin with. But Vance’s take on the story was great! It wasn’t a totally retake of the story, but the main elements of P&P are there. Enough for readers to make connections to the classic, but also let Spies and Prejudice stand alone. I really enjoyed the spy aspect of the novel, and Berry’s prejudice drew out the plot. There were times I wanted to smack her on the head so she would open her eyes, but teenagers. That’s just how they are.
Plus… I have this hunch that this is going to be a part of a series because the ending was WAY too open ended!

Book Talk: Have you heard of Spies and Prejudice? Are you a fan of P&P retellings? If you got an ARC copy of the story, what were your thoughts? How about that ending?