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Welcome to this week’s edition of: T&TThis was not a good writing week. At. All.

I started my summer camp job this week, and it was 7th and 8th graders. Perfect for writing research.

Bad for actual writing time.

Let’s just say the kiddos needed a little more care from the Camp Nurse than I was expecting. Bug Bites, Sunburns, and cuts were sort of an apocalyptic thing.

But, I did get started on Chapter 2 this week. Not much writing or addition to my word count. I was able to write a few pages, and then sort of lay out an idea.
But I’ve also been thinking more this week. Working on some of my fantasy character’s names and background. I’m still in that world building stage–or at least I should be because I think the key to fantasy worlds (have I mentioned this is a fantasy?) is immersing one’s self in them so that they can become believable to readers.

My day at home on Saturday is going to be filled with some internet time pulling up and printing off research so that perhaps next week, I’ll be able to write something. Even if it’s only character sketches.

And for me–character creating and world building is the fun part.

MG writer, signing off to think.