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Desktop5Author: M. E. Castle |
Release Date:  January 24th, 2012| 
Publisher: Egmont, USA
Genre: Contemporary, Science, Humor | Pages: 320

Earlier this year I was contacted by Media Masters Publicity about the newest release in the Clone Chronicles series. Since I’m always looking for some fabulous boy protagonists, and this was a series I hadn’t heard of, I jumped at the chance to read the books! If the second one (which I’ll be talking about soon!) is anything like this first story–I’m in for a treat!

I was graciously provided a copy via Egmont. I was not compensated in any way for my review (cross my heart) nor did I promise a good rating. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine.


Fisher Bas is a geeky, science nerd and the son of Nobel Prize winning parents. unfortunately, that’s not something that wins over friends in middle school and in fact, The Vikings torment him everyday. (You know, those beefy, overgrown goons every school has?)
But when Fisher comes up with the idea to clone himself, and to send the clone to school, he knows he’s going to be in for a great year. That is until his clone turns out to be more poplar then him, and then gets kidnapped by the evil Dr. X.

5 Reasons Why This Book is Marvelous!

  1. Can I just say that I found myself doubled over in laughter numerous times with this story! I honestly cannot wait to dive into the second book simply because Castle’s humor was great. I am most definitely all for humor in MG books, as I’m sure most middle graders would agree. There’s just something about that age where laughter is great and the things that cause the laughter aren’t always that great–but it’s funny to a middle grader nonetheless. Perhaps it’s the kid in me, but I totally get MG humor. I laugh at the silliest things most times, and Popular Clone is no exception. If you’re looking for a humorous book–this is it!
  2. When it comes to humor, a lot of it stems from Fisher himself. I mean, the kid has named his bullies (OK, I think they really named themselves) The Vikings. And he’s constantly up to something in his lab. Like the mosquitoes who will only bite The Vikings. He really is just a great kid. Yeah, he’s geeky. Yeah, he’s small for his age. But I can guarantee you he is a character that a lot of middle grade boys are going to relate too. I, for one, fell in love with him, and totally related to the being bullied aspect. Though, I’m not genius enough to create a clone machine, I love his out-of-the-box thinking for the problem!
  3. Which leads me to the problem–Fisher creates this clone and then he becomes totally different than who Fisher really is! But what I like the most about the clone aspect is that this is a sciency-based story. Last year, I discovered another sciency series, and though I am not a science geek at all, I love that these stories can teach kids and open up their imaginations! Perhaps human cloning isn’t something that’s around yet (or maybe it is, hidden away–who knows?) but Popular Clone is a book that makes kids think. I mean, Fisher is always doing some sorts of experiments and talking about science, and in a way, it’s a teachable book. It encourages kids to think outside of the box, and to chase science. I am an English girl, but I will promote other areas like no other because I know every kid is different. And if I have a reader who is a science geek, I am definitely handing this book to them!
  4. As much as a book about science and bullying this is, it’s also a story about accepting yourself, and learning how to open up to others. I honestly do love it when a story can teach without really teaching, and I know that’s what Popular Clone will do to readers. They are going to be pulled in by Fisher’s story, and they are going to stay for the adventure, imagination, and humor. But then, I think most readers are going to walk away with something either about themselves, or with a new outlook on others–without even realizing they are.
  5. Finally, I know I said “my favorite part” about a million times already, (It’s just a great book!) but, I absolutely loved FP! I can tell you (without giving any spoilers) that FP stands for Flying Pig. He’s an experiment created in Fisher’s house, and he turns out to become Fisher’s best buddy and sidekick. And let me just say, he’s totally the sidekick I would want when I’m out fighting evil scientists!
  6. And for one little bonus–there’s a twist to this story that I DID NOT see coming!  You’re going to love it!
  7. must-read

    Book Talk: Have you discovered The Clone Chronicles yet? Do you enjoy sciency-themed books?

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