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I finished up OCD, the Dude, and Me by Lauren Roedy Vaughn a few weeks ago, and as I was picturing Danielle’s book piles, I started thinking about my own.
You guys, I have some of the weirdest frets ever when it comes to my own library.

I have always had this weird factor where if I buy one book by an author or in a series in paperback then I have to have the rest of the books in paperback. Vice versa for hardback. I cannot blend.

I think this really started with my Sarah Dessen collection. I bought her first five novels all at once and they were paperback. And then when The Truth About Forever came out, I really, really had to have it but for some reason couldn’t bring myself to buy it until it came out in paperback. I waited.

And since then, I keep waiting until her new book hits paperback status before it graces my shelves. The same with series. I usually go the cheaper route because of my wallet and buy book one in paperback. But then I have to wait FOREVER until book two because I simply have to have it in paperback too.

But this. It drives me crazy.

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The only reason these series are mixed is because I had the first half, and then the second half were given to me. I wouldn’t purposely buy hardback to complement my paperback you guys. It’s hurts my soul.

Maybe not my soul–but the weirdish book fiend inside of me. I don’t really have OCD, despite all the things that WebMD tells me. I believe that I might have OCD tendencies, as there is a perfectionist that lives in my brain. Either that or the closet librarian in me just needs consistency. (I’m going for that route.)

Either way–it drives me nuts not having a complete series that is either fully paperback or fully hardback.

The other weird thing I was thinking about after reading Vaughn’s story is how even though I absolutely LOVE the new Dessen covers, I am so mad at the publishers/marketing people because I was all ready to buy What Happened to Goodbye in paperback and then they go and switch the cover design on me.


does not even remotely go with this

SDCMy brain cannot even HANDLE mixing and matching cover designs. I think that might be worse than mixing and matching PB and HB. AND the old WHTG is only in hardback so that’s totally not getting added to my collection. My only solution? Buy a whole new set of SD books.

I got it bad guys. Real bad.
But the real question is… will I ever suck it up and deal with my mix and match books/series or will my stubbornness play out so I have to buy all new books?
And, um,… what about you?

With my thoughts posed….my Wednesday Wondering for you this week is

Desktop1-002Book Talk: Again with the weirdness…I know. I’m not a picky reader, just picky about my collections. What about you? Do you have to have your books one way or the other? Or do you only care that they are books?