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Hey guys!
I’ve had a lot of time to think this summer, considering I was pretty much to lazy/uninspired to continue writing my own story.
You what that means for you? A new feature!!!!
Now, don’t go and get this feature confused with my Sidekick Reviews. Those mini reviews are still for older books I have read and/or just don’t have time to write a full review. This was born out of my ever growing review pile itself. In the last couple of weeks I have received several MG novels that I am so excited to share with you–but they are the second or third in the series. Now, I’m one who absolutely cannot start a series in the middle, and I sort of dislike reviewing a 2nd novel without ever telling you about the first.

Hence, Throwback Thursday! A place where I can briefly introduce you to the first novel of a series and prep you for the awesomeness of the new book that’s coming out!

Today’s Throwback is…..

Merits of Mischief #1: The Bad Apple |
By: T. R. Burns |
Published: April 24th, 2012 |
Publisher: Aladdin |
Genre | Age: Humor, Mystery | MG |
Pages: 332 |

Summary (via book jacket)

“When Seamus Hinkle threw that apple across the cafeteria during a food fight on Fish Stick Tuesday, he didn’t mean to cause trouble.
But what’s done is done, and now Seamus is off to Kilter Academy, the best reform school for the country’s worst kids.
Except, to succeed at Kilter Academy, students must complete tasks that would normally get them grounded. To advance, they must prank their teachers.
Because this is no ordinary reform school.  It’s a training facility for future Troublemakers. And Seamus, despite his best intentions, is a star pupil. Together with new friends lemon and Elinor, he rises to the top of the class while discovering that Kilter Academy’s true purpose might not be its only secret…”

What you should know

  1. The Bad Apple isn’t your typical boarding school story. Sure, there’s a little bit of mystery which I find always surrounds boarding schools, but the mystery involved here is original. Different. I found Burn’s story to be unlike any other MG novel I have read recently. I love, love, loved the concept of the story–and couldn’t wait to discover all the shenanigans that ensued!
  2. It’s a story with a boy protagonist! And though I firmly believe girls will love this story–it’s 100% a boy book. If you have a non-reader on your hands, this is the book for him! I cannot imagine any boys who wouldn’t like this story.
  3. Mainly because this story is absolutely hilarious. I was literally laughing out loud while I was reading. I took it to camp with me during 5th and 6th grade week, and all I could think about was pranking the kids! Let’s just say that Simon and Schuster helped a bit—but more on that Monday!

tune In….

Monday August 5th for Merits of Mischief #2: A World of Trouble
Book Talk: What do you think–up for a little mischief? Have you already read The Bad Apple? What do you think? Is humor the way to go to pull in a non-reader?

Hopeful reading!