It’s that time of the year again!!!! You know, that one where I celebrate Banned Books Week and Teen read week!

I totally didn’t realize BBW was early this year, so I’m slightly behind. BUT, there still time to get things together, and I WANT YOU!

Though, you might be wondering why I need you.
Well, last year was my first year blogging an a a book lover, I felt the important need to continually celebrate these two weeks. And I want to involve you!
As a future librarian/teacher, promoting books is important to me, even if they are banned. So, I would like to feature you–yes YOU!–during both of these weeks as I take a break from the regular scheduled programming of reviewing.

It’s simple really. You just have to be a reader, book blogger, author, publisher, teacher, librarian, or general lover of books.

Then, it works like this:

  1. You let me know if you would like to be featured for one OR both weeks.
  2. I ask you a couple of questions such as What is your favorite banned book? or What was your favorite book as a teen? or How has reading impacted your life?
  3. Then, you answer them…
  4. …While possibly sending me a picture of you with one (or more) of those books. (Picture suggested, NOT required)
  5. Finally, I feature you one day during either week (whichever week you answered for/prefer–both are fine!) posting both your answers and picture of either you or book or both, and link all of my readers back to your blog/website/Goodreads page/ways to connect with you socially.

***Also, if you have some crazy/cool/amazing/marvelous idea of something you’d like to do on my blog (such as a guest review/interview/make a drawing/add an info-graphic) I’m all up for ideas too!!!!!

Sound awesome? Because I’m pretty sure it will be.

Let’s be literacy champions together and spread the word about reading!

Fill out my form below, contact me at or on twitter @hopefulheroine if you would be interested in being a part of my feature!

*If you are an author/publisher, I would also be willing to sponsor giveaways during either/both of those weeks.

Let’s get promoting!!