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Ahoy Mateys!!

Arrrrrghhhhh, how can I not talk to ye about National Talk Like a Pirate Day?
Yer right in thinking that I can’t.

So, I figure with all the fun middle grade literature that takes place on the high seas, there’s plenty of swashbuckling stories to feature today. Wouldn’t ye agree?
What’s that I hear?
An Aye Aye Captain!?

Well then Matey’s…. here’s some fabulous recommendations for all your skulduggary filled, sea bearing travels!
Blast ye! Don’t forget the treasure map!


Books mentioned:

Here Be Monsters and Worse Things Happen at SeaA Tale of Pirates, Poison, and Monsters by Alan Snow

“Skulduggary is afoot! Young Arthur has fallen foul of the appalling outlaw, Snatcher, and is trapped alone in the town with every way home sealed.”

Oh. My Goodness. These two stories were part of my summer read and since I haven’t quite found the time to review them yet, I’m featuring them today! What can I tell you quickly about Snow’s novels? Well, one is that Here be Monsters has been adapted for film for next year entitled The Boxtrolls. Please watch the trailer, read the book, and highly anticipate the film!

I really think HBM  is going to be a fun adaptation–but honestly, it’s a super fun book! Snow has created an original plot full of fascinating creatures! I quickly fell in love with Arthur and was so excited to realize his adventure continued in Worse Things Happen at Sea. The second installment has even more piracy and adventure. And best of all–it includes black and white illustrations, letters, and news articles that only add  to the vivid descriptions. Your imagination will run wild with this story, and thank me later for introducing it to a fabulous, full of scallywags and buccaneers, daring hilarious adventure!

The Very nearly Honorable League of Pirates: Magic Marks the Spot by Caroline Carlson

“Miss Hilary Westfield has escaped from finishing school to chase her dream. She wants to be a pirate more than anything, and right now all of the grown-ups in her life are standing in her way. ”

This is a hilarious adventure full of treasure seeking, treacherous villains, and even a talking gargolye. Check out my review for more discussion, and make sure to pick up the beginning of this series for tips on avoiding finishing school, and ways to incorporate magic into your life!

The Chronicles of Egg #1 Deadweather & Sunrise and #2 New Lands by Geoff Rodkey

“Egg (usually known as Egbert to his family) has sort of been thrown into an adventure. Here he is, thirteen years old, already dealing with the perils of his age when suddenly, someone comes along wanting to kill him. And then with the air of swashbuckling adventure, Egg is off chasing treasures and saving ladies, and maybe discovering ancient secrets.”

I absolutely loved the beginning of this series and the second installment was full of surprises. Visit my reviews for more marvelous features, and then read the stories for treasure seeking tips, and how to get along with enemy pirates.

Book Talk: What’s up your puffed up sleeves Matey’s? Any swashbuckling, seafaring pirate adventures to recommend?

recommendsHopeful reading!