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As I close out Banned Books Week this year (but continue to read banned books,) I just want to leave you with a few last resources that you must check out.

The first is

These are people who support banned books in an outstanding way, and stand up to defend out freedoms. Check out their stories and let them inspire you.

And finally, if you haven’t gotten around to viewing some of the virtual read-outs, then you have definitely missed out on something amazing, awesome, and wonderful. It’s a YouTube channel featuring authors, readers, and book lovers expressing their freedoms to read.

Because I think these videos are so wonderful, I’m going to leave you with one of my favorites from this year. Every book held by a patron and read from in this video has been challenged at some point.
Listen closely to the passages. They speak volumes about banned books.

Book Talk: What was your favorite part of Banned Books Week 2013? Did you celebrate by reading? What book? Or by doing something else? Let me know!

Hopeful (banned) reading everyone!