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Author: Victoria Schwab| Website |
Publication Date: January 22rd, 2013|
Publisher: Hyperion
My Interest: Original story|
Source: Library
Age Group | Genre: YA| Paranormal, Mystery
Series: Yes, The Archived|
Pages: 328

Alright friends–the YA review is back on the blog! And just so you know—I’m so excited to share today’s feature with you because I think you will absolutely LOVE this book!

Also, for TEEN READ WEEK–> here’s a fabulous article on CNN about the history of YA lit! Check it out and see how AWESOME YA lit is!

I checked out a copy from my local library. I was not compensated in any way for my words (cross my heart) nor did I promise a good rating. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine.


When Mac was twelve, Da showed her the Archives–a realm where the dead, called Histories, are kept. Now, he’s gone and she has to take his place as Keeper, tasked with the issue of keeping Histories from escaping.

In the Archive, the dead are supposed to stay quiet. But something is unsettling them, altering their soul, and erasing chapters of life. It’s up to Mac to piece together what is happening before the Archive falls apart.


Woah. Wow. Amazeballs.
I said it. Amazeballs.
I’d use awesome sauce but I reserve that more for my middle grade read. Pick up this book now. Or this month. It’s one of those spooky-ish, thriller reads that is PERFECT for a chilly, windy October evening.

I read this book way back this summer and I was going to review it right away, but life happened. However, I’m telling you about it this week because
1. It’s a read that has stayed with me this long.2. TEEN READ WEEK is all about seeking the unknown at the library and this story is definitely the unknown (in a library! But I’ll get to that.)
3. The above. Amazeballs.

Really though–I absolutely loved Schwab’s story. These days, I feel like YA lit is all over the place with stories, but usually they all fit into some kind of similar category: dystopian, paranormal, contemporary romance. You get the point. Though I’d classify The Archived as a paranormal-mystery it was simply a refreshingly original read.

I mean–the whole concept of the story is that when someone dies, they become a History collected and stored in a the Archive. It’s set up like a library for the dead. Librarians pretty much shelve the dead, and Keepers (perhaps the circulation department?) move between worlds to keep an eye on Histories and send them back to their branch. WHAT IS THIS?!?!
It’s original, and creative, and just ridiculously fabulous! I think the most fun I had reading this book was discovering what sort of twist Schwab’s imagination was going to take next!

I also really connected with Mac because she is  a kick-butt character–and that’s pretty much me in real life, too. (Or at least that’s how I see myself.)
But what grabbed me the most about this novel was the story itself. I was pulled in from the beginning and did not want to put it down. I found myself turning page after page because I had to finish it–only to realize it’s part of a trilogy and now I have to whine and cry and mope around in waiting until next year for The Unbound. But I guess I can wait, but I’m telling you–with a story this good, the waiting is really going to suck.

Pick this read up if you like…

mystery, ghosts, paranormal, weird things, Historic run down places, and being in suspense

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Book Talk: Have you read The Archived yet? Are you like me and enjoy a good paranormal read during October? What’s your favorite paranormal read for the Fall?

Hopeful reading!