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T10THey Friends!

If you weren’t around last year–I sort of spilled my guts about bookish Halloween costumes and what I thought REAL heroines should look like. This year is no exception. I’m still firmly grounded in the idea of classy literary costumes that don’t show skin but instead show intelligence. And it looks like I’m not the only one who thinks that! Have you heard of Take Back Halloween yet? It’s this awesome website that has costume ideas for women–costumes that are FABULOUS, not full of skin, and represent strong women in history/literature. I’m pretty much a fan now. After perusing their ideas, I decided to do another round of what I think real heroines should look like. Plus, I’m in the need of a costume myself!

So if you’re still looking for a costume too—I’ve got a few for you (and my Pinterest board has more!) Today’s original prompt was Top Ten Books To Read During Halloween or Top Ten Creepiest Covers, but I sort of broke the rules and changed it:

Top Ten Classy Heroine Halloween Costumes


image via Em

10. Ok. I’m not a huge fan of Disney Princesses (that’s a whole different story) but I’m sort of in love with my friend Em’s Halloween costume. Not to mention the entire group: I’d totally go as a Hipster Disney Princess this year! Em is Pocahontas and her sign says, “I don’t need acrylics, I paint with all the colors of the wind.” HILARIOUS! Snow White’s says, “I had an Apple before Steve jobs.”  And then there’s Rapunzel playing on current events, “I cut my hair before Miley.” What better way to nix the whole princess-y thing than with sarcasm?!

9. Ok, so Susan Pevensie wasn’t always my favorite character, especially in the later Narnia books, but in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, she kicks butt! And she has style!

image via DisneyBound on Pinterest.

8. With all the hype for the Catching Fire movie, Katniss Everdeen is totally on this year’s costume list. You could dress as everyday Katniss:

image via Sweet Green Tangerine on Pinterest

Or inside the Games Katniss:

image via Pinterest

7. If YA is all the rage for your choice (because, seriously, when isn’t it?) Tris Prior is still totally current. What with Allegiant just hitting the press, she’d be perfect for cosplay! But you’d have to decide—Dauntless or Abnegation?

image via Pinterest

6. Since we’re still thinking current YA trends, what about Clary Fray from City of Bones? Personally, I’d just want to rock the ruin tattoos!

image via Pinterest

5.  I’ve always loved Greek Goddesses–and there was this one shameful year where I dressed up as a Spartan Queen. Let’s just say that it was during a hard time of life my last year of college. The pictures have been annihilated from the planet. For a little more class–I think I’d go with Artemis because she just seems so strong. And much more powerful than a Queen.

image via Take Back Halloween

4. Or there’s even Athena. As the goddess of Wisdom–she’s sure to be classy!

3. If we’re talking kick-butt heroines here, I think I might just choose Emma Swan from Once Upon a Time. I mean, she does wear the coolest boots every episode, and I’d love to get my hands on that red leather jacket! The question is, could I get the Hubster to buy my a Yellow VW Bug in time?

image via DisneyBound on Pinterest

2. I’ve long been a fan of Narnia, and Lucy Pevensie was always a heroine of mine. She’s classy and courageous–what better girl to dress up as?

image via DisneyBound on Pinterest

1. And finally my top choice this year (which is actually happening!): Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson. I’m DIY-ing this costume and you can be sure I’ll share pictures!

image via pinterest

Book Talk: What Heroine costume would you pick this year? Something from my list–or one I’m missing?

Hopeful reading friends!