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Author: Patrick Carman | Website| TwitterRelease Date: September 1st, 2011
Publisher: Scholastic | Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Mystery | Pages: 261

Today’s book is one I’ve been eyeing for awhile. Every time I peruse the middle grade shelves at the library I mean to pick this up. I finally did Friday because I just wanted a fun read this weekend, and I could tell by the cover that this was it! Floors is a backlist title–it was published in 2011, but it still needs the love!

I checked out a copy from my local library. I was not compensated in any way for my review (cross my heart) nor did I promise a good rating. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine. Marvelous Middle Grade Monday is hosted every Monday at author Shannon Messenger’s blog


Charlie had his chocolate factory. Stanley Yelnats had his holes. Leo has the wacky, amazing Whippet Hotel.

The Whippet Hotel is a strange place full of strange and mysterious people. Each floor has its own quirks and secrets. Leo should know most of them – he is the maintenance man’s son, after all. But a whole lot more mystery gets thrown his way when a series of cryptic boxes are left for him . . . boxes that lead him to hidden floors, strange puzzles, and unexpected alliances. Leo had better be quick on his feet, because the fate of the building he loves is at stake . . . and so is Leo’s own future!

-via Goodreads

5 Reasons Why This Books is Marvelous!

  1. Wacky! Fantastical! And a hotel that I JUST want to live in! You guys, Floors is such an imaginative story that I read it over the weekend, escaping into the Hotel, and even dreamed about the crazy Cake Room! (seriously though–if anyone knows of a hotel that has a cake room, book it for me please.) Like I said before–this is a MG book that I mean to pick up every time I’m in the library and I finally just did. The cover really pulled me in and the story seemed so fun. The book jacket doesn’t lie. It’s an absolutely fun read!
  2. I haven’t read anything by Carman before, but I will be now. After all, there are 2 more book in the Floors trilogy to pick up, and I’ve also brushed by his The Land of Elyon too. His writing was fabulous. I think what I enjoyed most about his story was his own imagination as a writer. I found the book reminiscent to The Westing Game (a favorite of mine!) because it takes place in a hotel and there is an air of mystery to it–but the wackyness Carman creates with his setup of The Whippet Hotel and the adventure Leo goes on made my inner book nerd happy. I wanted to avoid homework all weekend (which I sort of did) to read because I was so immersed in the world of this book that I didn’t want to let go.
  3. Leo and Remi are two fabulous characters! AND they are both boy main characters! Yay for boy books! I can definitely see younger readers picking up this story and connecting to both Leo and Remi. The boys have some inner conflicts that do not necessarily drive the story–but are present and relatable. On the other side, I can see boys (and even girls!) enjoying Leo and Remi’s adventures as well. After all, what middle grader wouldn’t want to discover a hidden mystery inside a wacky hotel where they seemingly have free reign?
  4. Not only are Leo and Remi fabulous, but the list of other characters are great! The boys are often running from Ms. Sparks, the hotel manager, who definitely plays the part of villain well. I, too, would constantly be trying to outrun her! Even though the rest of the grownups don’t play a major part in the story, they are there at every turn and in the end, we see how they played a part in the overall mystery.
  5. But my favorite characters would have to be Betty and the rest of the ducks! It turns out that the owner of the hotel,Mr. Whipper, really likes ducks and when he built the hotel, he put a pond on the roof for a home for his group of pet ducks. And get this, there’s a special duck elevator that Leo is sort of in charge of to move the ducks around the hotel and take them on walks. But don’t think these are just any old pets. In fact, Leo is often reminded to “always bring a duck” with him while he’s out on his adventures. After all, you never know when they might prove useful!

Overall, Floors is just such a wacky read! The rooms Leo discovers in The Whippet Hotel are imaginative, unexpected, and fun. If you’re looking for a light-hearted, feel-good read–Floors is definitely it!

must-readBook Talk: Have you ever read any of the Floors series yet? What did you think of the wackyness? What kind of room would you like to see in a hotel?

Hopeful reading!