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Earlier this summer, I talked about how I love reading certain genres during certain seasons of the year. And you all know I enjoy spooky reads come the first of fall. But what I’m wondering is- even though I love reading all sorts of genres, do I love one genre more than others so much that I judge them?

I’ve been thinking a little bit into next year already. See, I’m trying to hurriedly finish the books I resolved to re-read this year so I can complete my own little “challenge,” which makes me begin to think about next year and what sort of “challenge” I’d like to take.

I’m not so much thinking along the lines of reading goals or books to finish, but instead thinking in a way of exploration. Sure, I have a few books I’m dying to read or re-read for next year—and I do love challenging myself in terms of reading goals–but I want to do something different around here. Dig deep. Research while simultaneously informing.

So I’m thinking about exploring genres. Tackling one a month and reading something new from them. I got the idea from Stacked, a blog I really enjoy reading. I love how those ladies have delved into the world of genres, and honestly, I’ve been doing it for years in my YA and MG lit classes–so I think I’m ready to bust it out here!

However, in thinking about taking on this new challenge / feature / whatever you want to call it, I started realizing, I totally judge books by the genres. I am a complete book snob. I put down a couple of horror books and at least three steampunks this year because I cannot seem to get into them for fear of the genre.

It’s as if I have all of these preconceived notions about the book before I even give it a chance! Case-and-point, I’ve been ignoring Ender’s Game for years because it’s Sci-Fi and even after meeting Orson Scott Card and listening to my hubby drone (I mean happily exclaim) about the book, I only just read it two weeks ago.
And I enjoyed it. (The movie more-so but I’ll talk about that later.)

So–I think next year is going to be about breaking thought patterns with stories–because they all have a power. If we’re only willing to discover them.

With my thoughts posed….my Wednesday Wondering for you this week is


Book Talk: Are you guilty like me and put down books (or don’t even pick them up) because they are a specific genre? Have you found a new genre to love recently because you gave one book a chance? What book changed your mind about a particular genre? Are you