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Last year I decided that 2012 had been a ridiculous year.

I’m pretty sure I can say the same and more for this year:   

Beyond ridiculous though, in 2013 I learned how much grief affects life

as I said goodbye to three loved ones I miss dearly: 

But the thing about grief is that I realized it allows joy to come in the morning. I learned to let go of stress (seeing as how we moved 2 TIMES this year) and to cherish the moments and little things:

I also ventured into new things by becoming active in Team Red, White, and Blue with the hubster and furthering my yoga journey.

I even… started a future business and new blog:

2013 was also, as always, a year of books.

LB132013 was a hard year, but a good and blessed year.
I cannot imagine what 2014 will be like but I can tell you this:

  • I start my student teaching January 27th in a junior high English Language Arts classroom and I am beyond excited.
  • If all works out, I’ll be a licensed secondary teacher in a few months.
  • And then hopefully–by fall I’ll have some sort of REAL job!
  • I’m moving forward with my yoga teacher certification with a few scheduled weekends of training.
  • I might *might* just start this new business.
  • I’ve got a stack of new books to read and I’m super excited about every single one of them.
  • I’m also planning to re-read a few favorite books and let them inspire me as I try to keep writing my own novel.
  • I’m revamping the blog with some new features (come back tomorrow!!)
  • And most importantly, I’m loving my family and every single day of life more than I ever thought possible.

Thank you readers and friends for coming back to The Hopeful Heroine over and over again. I really do love talking about books with you and recommending what I think are fabulous reads.

Let’s make this year about the power of story–let books inspire us and our own stories move us.

Here’s to a new year!