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When I write my reviews, I often tag them according to their genre. Heck, I even mention the genre sometimes but never talk about it.

Confession: one reason I love reading is because of genres. In fact, I have my favorites AND I even presented a paper last year on mixing genres in YA and why it is so stinking cool.
But what’s a genre you ask, and why am I talking about it?

In it’s purest sense a genre is a literary classification.  The Book Whisperer calls it “the formal categorization of books,” and essentially it’s how we book nerdigans group stories together. I’m sure you’ve heard of the term genre before or even the categories of fantasy, science-fiction, realism, etc, but do you really know what each one entails?
Maybe you do–and perhaps you’re like me and steer clear of a few because you judge a book by it’s genre.
Or maybe you don’t know the difference between genres or for that matter the different categories of fiction genres. Sometimes, I’m quite guilty of speaking in literary talk without actually explaining the terms I’m using–and I know when I head into the classroom I might have a bunch of readers who don’t understand genres.

For that reason, I’ve decided to break the mold and step out of my own reading habits because I’m laying down the law here. This year I want to embark on something a little different. Sure, I want to read more than 81 books, but let’s face it. If I’m bound to get into this teacher-librarian thing with a real job, then I’m probably not going to be reading for quantity. Instead, this year I want to read for quality. It’s time for me to step out of the box, explore a few new genres, and maybe even put my teaching skills to use.

Welcome to


Here I’ll be I’m stepping into my teacher-librarian shoes for a bit and letting this side of me surface on the blog. I want to investigate different genres this year and talk about the elements and characteristics that make up each one–so that all of my literary talk doesn’t drive you mad, and so I can share my knowledge and genre love with you! This monthly feature is going to include a definition and study of a particular genre each month as well as book recommendations that fit into the genre because I want us all to get to know a genre before we simply pass it by. After all, you never know what you’ll love until you try reading it!

I’m still going to be keeping up with my MMGM and regular YA reviews, but hopefully one or more of those each month with be of the featured genre because I am stepping out of my comfort zone to read them. Feel free to join in and read-along if you want to explore some different genres this year! We can talk about the books via Twitter or Facebook!

Here’s the tentative schedule as well as where I’ll be keeping a tally of posts:

January – Fantasy
Fantasy definition | Subgenres of Fantasy  | Fantasy Quests |
MMGM Fantasy review: The False PrinceThe Alchemyst
YA Fantasy ReviewFalling Kingdoms |    
MG Field Guide to Fantasy | YA Field Guide to Fantasy

February – Science-Fiction
Sci-Fi Definition | Sub-subgenres of Sci-Fi  |
MMGM Sci-Fi/ review: The Copernicus Legacy: The Forbidden Stone | When You Reach Me |
YA Sci-Fi Review: These Broken Stars | The 5th Wave
MG Field-Guide to Sci-Fi

March – Paused for student teaching
April – Paused for student teaching
May – Realism
June – Contemporary
July – Historical Fiction
August – Dystopian
September – Humor / Romance
October – Horror / Paranormal
November – Mystery / Thriller
December – Steampunk

If you’re a blogger and want to join in on the fun, by all means do! Or if you’re a one-type-of-genre reader (I’ve dubbed myself a fantasy book snob) and want to get out of your box, open up some new pages this year and see what story awaits you!

Book Talk: What genre are you most looking forward to trying? What genre are you least looking forward too?