A few of my bloggish goals this year was to update and branch out on the blog. In the course of it’s existence, I’ve gone through In My Mailboxes, not sharing my books, and Bought , Borrowed, and Weekly writings. Sure, I LOVE sharing new reads with you but sometimes I feel that an entire post of books I got this week is sort of bragging. And I’m so not about that.

So, with a new year I’m changing it up. I might share new books with you here, but I’m also going to share about life. And just the shenanigans I’ve been up to this week.

weeklyLinks I loved

  • I absolutely enjoyed this post on buzzfeed about 

So, I knew that The Giver had been in talks for the movie realm, but now there’s a release date? I’m so ridiculously excited and I may have put all these dates into my Apple calender so I can remember to see them.

  • Have you heard of Lizzie Valasquez? When she was a teen she was labeled the ‘most ugly woman in the world’ and a YouTube video some silly boy posted of her received over four million hits. Now she’s an author and motivational speaker, and her TED Talk from Austin’s Women’s conference is a MUST SEE!
  • Jamie’s Beyond the Pages post “You Aren’t Good Enough The Way You Are” gets to the heart of the issue of body image, and she even shares some personal thoughts. I was excited to read this because I”m getting ready to pick up 45 Pounds by K. A. Barson and because I think hard topics like this one should be addressed and discussed when it comes about it books–especially in  the classroom.
  • Brittany’s “Celebrity Doppelgangers on YA Covers” was just a super fun read!
  • I also really enjoyed Ginger’s honest discussion of  “Reading YA Through Adult Eyes

What I did

  • I spent the first part of the week frozen in when this Snow Vortex hit. Thus, most of these are products of the Snow Vortex.
  • I’m most excited that I made a new Facebook page for the blog. Also, I spent too much time creating cute little social media buttons for  the right hand, and updating my Pinterest pages.
  • The Hubster and I finished the first half of season 7 of Doctor Who, and I’m going through withdrawal because I don’t know when the second half will be on. I hate endings.

A good read!

I sped through this book in about two days this week in preparation for my student teaching, and I’m pretty sure that I now know exactly how I want to set up my classroom in the future. Who need worksheets and silly activities? We’re just going to read all year.
Really though, Miller sets up her year based on the idea that students have to read 40 books that year divided by genres. So–she teaches reading skills and literary knowledge based on genres while her students learn comprehension by reading. I highly recommend this book to future middle grade ELA teachers.


Lastly, I received this little surprise gem from Simon and Schuster. I’m really excited to read it because I have actually never heard of the story before. It sounds super interesting but not a particular read I would pick up so it’s PERFECT for my branching out this year!
This Side of Salvation by Jeri Smith-Ready | Thanks Simon and Schuster!

How was your week? What’s up for the weekend?