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*Note: This column comes from the fact that I truly do believe in the power of story, and I know there is a book for everyone. So even if a book may not be the right book for me, that doesn’t mean it might not be the book that makes you become a reader.

When I fall in love with an author, I want to read every single thing they’ve ever written. Even notes on their napkins. But every so often, I find myself biased with their stories and liking one age group of novels over the other (i.e. I’m a fan of Lauren Oliver’s middle grade literature but not in love with her YA.) I think it’s happening again—or perhaps I’m just so into MG lately that I’m tossing YA lit to the wayside.

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notbread*may contain spoilers

My current {not} read this week is
Let the Sky Fall by Shannon Messenger
Published: March 5th,  2013 |
Publisher: Simon Pulse |
Age Group: YA |
Genre: Fantasy, Romance |
Series: Yes | Sky Fall Trilogy
Pages: 404 |

Why I picked it up: I’m sort of a fangirl for Messenger and since I loved her middle grade novels so much, I wanted to see what her YA brought to the table.

How far I got: Page 50, Chapter 9

The story so far: Vane is lucky –when he was a kid he was dubbed the miracle child as he was the only one in his family to survive a category-five tornado. Ever since that night, his dreams have been haunted by a beautiful girl with dark hair and dark eyes. Audra is a wind nymph charged with the job of guarding Vane. First she saved him from the tornado, and now she’s saving him from dating. At this point in the story, she has just woken Vane to the fact that he isn’t human either.

Why I put it in the drop box: I tried really, really hard to get into this story, especially since it’s fantasy and a different type of fantasy than I normally read. Honestly, I liked where the story was going, but I found myself busy over the holidays so I put it down and ended up renewing it. It’s due again, and I haven’t picked it up since.

Will I pick it back up?: I hope so. The story is just getting interesting and Messenger really is a fabulous writer. This novel is the first in a trilogy, so I might just wait until the rest of them come out so I can read them all at once. I feel like there are hints at mythology in this book, but I just haven’t gotten far enough into it to figure them out. That fact alone intrigues me and makes me want to keep reading.

Book Talk: Have you read Let the Sky Fall?  If so, what did you think? What sort of fantasy did you find it to be? Was there mythology embedded in the story?