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Author: Tony Abbott | Website | TwitterRelease Date: January 7th, 2014
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books  | Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Mystery, Sci-Fi Pages 423 |

I’m a library addict-browser. Sometimes, I have a stack of books at home, but I’m downtown running errands and decide I just have to stop in the library to look at the shelves to make sure there isn’t a book I’ve missed.
Last week, I stopped in to pick up a few books I had ordered and happened to find today’s gem on the NEW Middle Grade Reads shelf. The cover was gorgeous, the title sounded enticing, and the synopsis sealed the deal.
Then I read it–and I had a few twitter moments. You guys, this read is FABULOUS!

I’m also featuring it as my first MG read for my sci-fi month. I’m kind of weird in my sci-fi thinking, but I consider time travel (which is a fantasy trait) more of a sci-fi sub trait. And since this book hints at it, right now it’s very sci-fi-ish to me. (Tune in Thursday for more sci-fi discussion.)

I borrowed a copy from my local library.
I was not compensated in any way for my review (cross my heart) nor did I promise a good rating. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine. Marvelous Middle Grade Monday is hosted every Monday at author Shannon Messenger’s blog


It all began when four friends-Wade, Lily, Darrel, and Becca-received a strange, coded email from Wade’s uncle Henry shortly before the old man’s sudden death. They set off for Germany to attend the funeral with Wade’s father, Roald, and discover that Uncle Henry left them yet another baffling message that they suspect is the key to figuring out how and why he died.

The message leads to a clue, and the more clues they discover, the farther they travel down a treacherous path toward an ancient, guarded secret. Soon they are in a breathless race across the globe, running for their lives as a dangerous shadow organization chases them around every corner. Their only hope of saving themselves-and the world that they know-is to find twelve magical relics from a hidden past that will unlock the Copernicus Legacy.

-via book jacket

5 Reasons Why This Books is Marvelous!

  1. Gah! I have no words for this book. It is such a marvelous adventure-mystery-fantasy-sci-fi that I was literally sucked into it for a few days and did not want to leave the world of the story.  In fact, I sort of went Twitter crazy:
    t1t2t3(I’m trying to be better at sharing my book feelings via Twitter simply because the hubster doesn’t get my all the feels moments when it comes to books.)
  2. I honestly had no idea what sort of story I was getting into when I picked up The Forbidden Stone. I had not heard much pre-release talk, and I’ve never read any of Abbott’s books before. I really enjoyed those first few moments of opening up the story–fresh to an adventure and anticipating something mysterious. I was not let down you guys. This read is curious from the beginning. It pulls you in with both mystery, seemingly strange characters (ones you just have that gut feeling to be suspicious of), and a few characters you are bound to love.
  3. In terms of mystery (and my tweet) you can tell I agreed with the reviewers in that this has a Da Vinci Code feel for kids. In my opinion, it’s way cooler. I say that because really what kid doesn’t want to be swept away to solve an international mystery by cracking codes and seeking relics? Ok–maybe not all kids but this kid inside of me still does. And sure–there’s danger, but being a story for kids we know that the danger is going to be avoidable (to an extent) with just enough excitement to get our heart racing. I enjoyed reading The Da Vinci Code when it came out (and I’m a fan of the movie National Treasurebut even though this read is similar in adventure-mystery to both of those stories–it is it’s very own story. It’s original, well-written, and left me curious around every corner and definitely hanging on at the end. I tend to figure out mysteries (probably because I’ve read to many) and I had TDVC figured out like that. But The Forbidden Stone? I had no idea what was coming next as I turned pages, and I loved that element of surprise! I think kids need a tough read like that sometimes–we can’t just give them the story or they’ll be bored. They need something like Abbott’s writing to keep then engaged, expand their critical thinking, and encourage them to explore history more.
  4. Which is a whole different reason why I love this book. The name of the series is The Copernicus Legacy, so there is an element of history involved. I will be the first to admit I was always bored in history class, but I’m assuming if I had discovered some sort of secret hidden away in the past I would have been the first to jump right into my textbooks for clues. There’s just enough history (and even a bit of science by the time we get to the end of the book) that made me want to explore more. Curious readers will be full of excitement at the details Abbott weaves in because there might be a part of them that wonders–hmmm, what’s really buried in our history? This is a definitely a story that will sweep readers away on an adventure while simultaneously pulling at their curious side.
  5. Enough about the story itself (but it’s just so awesome!!!!), I can’t end this review without mentioning the fabulous cast of characters. And when I say cast–I mean it. We come to know Wade and his step-brother Darrel, and their cousin Lily and her friend Becca who all become a collective set of main characters. Even though Wade and Darrell’s Dad is a big part of the story, the kids themselves are the ones pursuing the mystery. I really liked each one individually as they bring different traits to the table. Each character is important in his or her own way to this first story, and I’m sure we will see them grow and become much more important in specific ways as the series moves forward. Beyond these guys, there is a whole cast of elusive bad guys that I’m still trying to figure out. What drives them? Why are certain things important to them? Who are they? Needless to say–I am so ready for book 2!
  6. Which brings me to bonus #6. I’m happy but I’m not happy. The Copernicus Legacy:The Forbidden Stone is only book one of a six book series! I am extremely excited because I get to tag along on what’s going to be an awesomesauce adventure–but I have to wait so long for the rest of the books! But you know–this is definitely one of those series worth anticipating and waiting for. It’ll make the story that much more adventurous.

must-readBook Talk: Have you picked up The Forbidden Stone yet? Thoughts? Or are you like me and it’s a book that has escaped your radar?