About the hopeful heroine

When I was five, I wanted to be all sorts of things: a ballerina, a fireman, a flying superhero, a doctor, a wizard, a detective, a teacher.
Books let me be those things, especially Nancy Drew.
But I never really grew out of knowing what I wanted to be, and I never really grew out of loving books.

Which is why I still live in the world of Young Adult, Middle Grade, and Children’s Literature.

thehopefulheroine is a book blog.
Some things you’ll find here are:

  • full reviews –new, old, & new to me–
  • sidekick reviews –short and sweet–
  • real teen reviews
  • what I’m reading
  • Books I love
  • Books that might not make my shelves
  • Books I’d-fight-the-bad-guys to read
  • Books I’d love to teach
  • Suggestions for students
  • What I’m anticipating
  • Time outs –reviews for other books–
  • all sorts of book news

Maybe someday you’ll find author interviews, giveaways, and even some previews of future releases.
But you’ll rarely find books for an older audience because like I said, I never grew up.

Why the hopeful heroine you ask?

As a kid I was always looking for a good role model in the books I read, and I firmly believe those heroines (and heroes for you guys!) still exist.

I also believe in the power of story.
No matter our age, I believe the ability to read and to absorb the written word creates a desire in us. An innate yearning to want more, to seek more, to find more.
Books give us courage.
Books help to shape us.
Books teach us hope.

And honestly, I’m the heroine of my own story which is why my alias, The Hopeful Heroine, was born.
With Captain Nosy along as my side kick.


He’s always interested in the books I read… as in, he’s forever sniffing them. I’ve become convinced my crazy greyhound reads by osmosis.

a subtle or gradual absorption or mingling
AKA –  the superpower I’d love to have.

This is our adventure.

About Me

Just call me a Secret Detective Superhero.

I’m a book lover, nerd, scholar, imagine-er, writer, storyteller, reader, and adventurer.
My dream though is to become a professional bookworm and encourage kids to want the same. Which is why I’m also a someday soon teacher-librarian, and maybe one day, an inspire-er.

When I’m not reading, I’m usually studying, writing,  riding my bike,  baking and cooking, spending time with friends and family, and being an Army Wife (the real one… not the TV version.)

I’d love to be friends, but if you haven’t traveled to Narnia or stepped onto Platform 9 3/4, I’m not sure how we’ll fair. After all, my heart is a mixture of Lucy and Luna.

Contact me at thehopefulheroine(at)gmail.com or find me on Goodreads or Twitter @hopefulheroine

Imagine. Explore. Find adventure.
But above all, hopeful reading friends.


3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Wow I have just come across your blog and its great so playfully creative 🙂 I was wondering if you would mind following my blog aswel although it doesn’t get updated quite as often as yours and well I’m just starting to get going on it but I was just so loved your drawings one in particular the one back in October about Peter, I’m a big fan 🙂 http://playindaghetto.wordpress.com/ xx

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