Book Talk (Wednesday Wonderings)

Every so often on Wednesdays I post some sort of crazy question that I can’t seem to keep in my head. My mind is always going–what can I say, I’m a curious being!–and these are questions I feel are perfectly suited for discussion among the book blogosphere.


My hope is that someday you’ll wonder too and we will take these questions to the book world. But until now… I’ll just talk, and hopefully you’ll join the discussion! If you want to link up or use my images, feel free!

November 14 – How do you deal with being denied a book request?
November 28th – How would you survive the end of the world?
December 12th – How do you deal with The Slump?
January 2nd – Do you set New Year’s book resolutions / create a TBR booklist?
January 16th – How do you feel about book-to-movie adaptations?
February 13th – How do you decline a review request?
February 27th – Are you a one book at a time or juggle multiple storylines reader?
May 1st – What contemporary do you recommend for my summer TBR list?
May 15th – Are you a seasonal genre reader?
July 10th – What are you quirks when it comes to books?
ctober 9th – What are some stories that comfort you?
November 13th – Do you judge a book by its genre?


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