Review Policy

I am currently taking review requests; however, my turn around time is a couple of weeks.

First and foremost: the reason I review books is because
1. I love reading, sharing great reads, and pairing people up with recommendations.
2. As a future English teacher/librarian, I hope to teach and house great stories within my classroom.

Acceptance from: Publishers, those officially representing authors, & authors

Reader Level: I prefer to review Middle Grade, Young Adult, or Children’s Literature. At this time, my blog is focused on those genres so I will not accept adult fiction/non-fiction.

Genres: My favorite genres to read are mystery, fantasy, and circus stories; however, I am not picky. I enjoy dystopian, realism, science fiction, contemporary romance, paranormal, adventure…the list goes on. So, I am open to reviewing any and all of those.

Generally, I will not review non-fiction, self-help, manga, religious, or guts and gore horror, but if you query nicely, I might attempt them. Not a definite yes–this is a book-to-book basis.

Book Form: As of right now, I am no longer accepting digital form or eBooks. At one time I was accepting eBooks, but my eReader is unreadable for the time being, and I do no foresee myself getting a new one. As I dabbled in digital format, I realized I prefer hard copy and print form is my first choice. I am very willing to accept ARCs or finished copies.

Regarding Series: If the book is a second or third book in a series, and I have not read the first one or two, I would prefer not to review the requested book unless the previous books can be provided to me. I am the type of reader that has to know the full story, and I am more apt to review a book if I can review a whole series. I am also willing to check out the first books in a series from my local library, but I must be given adequate time to read the first books before reviewing the requested book.

Review style: I will not guarantee a positive review, but I will guarantee an honest review. I will always try to say something nice and find something I like in the story…I’m not a villain by heart and so you will never find an evil review on my blog.
My reviews will be of professional nature, and I will avoid spoilers. Should I have some sort of spoiler, it will be noted at the beginning.
*I’m not one to usually turn a book down, but the first 50ish pages are what I often give a book to catch my interest. Don’t ask me if I judge books by their covers because yes, I do. But if accepted for review, I will read the entire book…no skimming. Promise.

Sometimes the review may be a little more literary analysis-like (blame my English degree), but most of the time the review will be my thoughts and opinions–simply put. I enjoy conversations about books, and so my reviews tend to be more conversation style.
If you would prefer a literary review, simply ask and I will provide.

*Regarding ARC reviews – if I am provided an ARC, I will try to wait until close to the release date (usually a week before) or the actual date of release to publish my review. I like to mention I have the ARC early (usually in my In My Mailbox) but to give the book justice, I will wait until close to publication date until reviewing it.

My promise on my reviews is that if I like your book you will know it and so will the world.

I am also willing to do author interviews, participate in blog tours, hops, giveaways, or provide additional information should you request it.

Generally my reviews include a picture of the book (from Goodreads), author, website, publisher, pub date/release date, my interest, source, genre, age group, page count, part of a series. I like to write my own summary, will provide a rating, my final thoughts, and books I think the reader would like if they like the reviewed book.

As a future teacher-librarian, I am very much about promoting books for young readers. Which is why I am a believer in story and why I will read just about any genre. As a note, I do keep my future career in mind when reading and reviewing a book, and if I don’t think it is appropriate for the classroom, I will state why. But I also believe there is a time and place for every book, so I may suggest when and where or to whom the book would be appropriate for.

Please contact me at thehopefulheroine(at)gmail(dot)com if you’d like me to read and review your book, or if you have any questions regarding my review policy.


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