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When I was a kid, I fell in love with Narnia. I looked everywhere for my own magical wardrobe, tried to visit other worlds by flushing my toilet, and hoped my closet would zap me somewhere else.

If only I had artwork on my walls, then perhaps I could have visited Elsewhere…

Author: Jacqueline West |
Genre: Magical fantasy, adventure, ghost story
Pages: 224

Meet Olive, the eleven year old daughter of scholars who are rarely home.

Add a move to a crumbling Victorian mansion full of odd antique paintings and three talking cats.

Enter a pair of magical spectacles that allow Olive to travel through the paintings and into a spooky world full of dark shadows.

What do you get? A wonderful, mysterious, magical story that will keep you on your toes and cause you to fall in love with the characters.

5 reasons why this book is marvelous!

  1. You get to (almost) literally escape to another world with Olive!  I’m now searching for a pair of magical spectacles.
  2. West’s imagination is perfect for the middle school age. Olive has to take care of herself now and then while her parents are working, but she gets to have her own adventures. Middle Schoolers will connect with the “trying to grow up” idea but still utilize their imagination and innocence!
  3. Um… talking cats anyone?
  4. Harvey. He’s one of the talking cats and my favorite. He likes to act out different characters: spies, pirates, etc, and how fun is that?
  5. Olive’s adventure don’t stop here.  You can find her in Spellbound and The Second Spy

If you happen to find Elsewhere, please let me know.

Hopeful reading!